Fall is COMING

Here in Central Indiana we can tell Fall is coming because the days start getting shorter and the leaves are starting to turn all kinds of beautiful colors. The weather is starting to cool down as well and we absolutely can't wait to fall into the BEST season. The crisp, cool air is so refreshing after those hot, humid Indiana summers. We are getting ready for Fall by launching some brand new scents and re-releasing some tried and true favorites. 

Our first release will be our staple Fall scents - Available over Labor Day Weekend. Our second release will include some brand new fall scents and a special Halloween Pre-Order...you'll see these announced mid-September and available to you in October! We can't wait for you to get your hands on these scents!

We've been working on this Fall launch for MONTHS. After rebranding, bringing in some help, and creating our very own candle studio - we couldn't be more excited to finally get these out to you.

We hope you'll feel the warm, welcoming embrace of these fall scents and will love them as much as we loved creating them.

Happy Burning!